360 Frontals


Image of 360 Frontals

360 Frontals are great for those who have thin to no hairline due to medical reasons that has caused hair loss, improper removal of bond-ins or sew-ins or simply using them for protective styles. Great for wig making, and super quick flawless hair installs; with less tension and stress on your natural hair.

360 Frontals completely cover the circumerence of your head with hand knotted human hair attached to the lace.

The 360 frontal is just like the 13x4 frontal but is a piece wrapped around the whole circumstance of the head hairline. 22x4x2 is the available size.

Frontals and 360 frontals come with a natural hairline but we still want you to customize your piece. No ones hairline is the same.
To create a natural scalp please pluck the knots with a tweezer, lighten the knots using professional lighteners (Powder or cream) and then dip the lace in ritz clothing dye (if needed) to customize the lace to your skin tone. You can also dye the knots with hair color or use your makeup.
When using an elastic band or sewing to your braids please be mindful of the tightness. Too tight and the lace will split.
360 comes in 22x4x2
Any other measurements please allow for 5days production time then 2-3 day delivery.
Just email me your circumference measurement using the contact section of this site.

Curl pattern for the 360 Frontal will match the bundles you purchase!

Image of 360 Frontals Image of 360 Frontals Image of 360 Frontals Image of 360 Frontals