Tempestt's Designs Signature Diamond Curl


Image of Tempestt's Designs Signature Diamond Curl

This **Diamond Curl is Tempestt's very own signature curl.
This curl is great for all hair types. Easy blending because the root of the curl is straight.
Great for styles with volume! 9 pieces or 3 bundles 12-18in are great for a full look. 18-30in we recommend 12-24 pieces or 4-6 bundles for a full look.

Choose between our 7A grade and 8A grade. The difference in the grade is mostly weight of the bundles. 7A weighs in at 3.5 oz per bundle and our 8A grade is a higher grade of hair, great for sleek styles and weighs in at an even 4oz. Both grades of hair are high in quality, elasticity, and thickness.

All of our hair is 100% virgin human hair and comes only in natural colors varying in natural black to dark brown. With professional care our hair can last 6 months to a year with coloring, perms and use of professional products. Curls will stretch with lightening. Up to 2 years when left in natural state. Creating your own unit or having our stylist custom make your unit will also allow longevity. (Custom coloring is included in unit making)

Lengths available are 12-30in

It is normal for the hair to have minimal shedding when wefts are cut. For longevity with lasting curls please:
1) Let air dry after conditioning shampoo and conditioner.
2) Co wash every 1-2 weeks, earlier if you have an active lifestyle.
3) Try to always use a leave-in conditioner, don't use allot of products in between washes. Remember this is dead hair, too much of any product will dry the hair out and cause potential tangling.
4) NO HEAVY OILS! This will weigh the hair down and may cause tangling. Only alcohol free serums and products. Our favorite serum to use is Frizz buster by Fantasia. (Not the artist)
5)Do not comb/brush natural hair when dry as we all know causes excessive shedding from the weft and breakage in the hair.
6) Hair can be straightened but not recommended. It may or may not change the curl pattern.
7)Use a curl defining gel or custard to keep your curls uniform and moisturized.

This hair pattern matches most hair patterns from 1-3c when blow dried Straight and flat ironed. With All other hair patterns we suggest to crimp your hair to blend your hair or choose from our closure and frontal pieces in stock.

For any more questions and concerns please speak with our stylist.
Contact information is located in our Contact sections.

**This is a signature curl so production time is about 5 business days and then 3-5 days shipping. Please plan ahead before paying for the Diamond Curl.