Hair Need to Know Information & Care Guide

Tempestt's Designs

Hair Need to Know Information & Care Guide

Tempestt's Designs hair is 100% chemical-free. Tempestt not only cares about your beauty but also your health! All hair is washed to ensure no lice and bugs. Our salon brand shampoo and conditioner smell may be left on the hair. Just simply shampoo and condition your hair before use to remove any smell to the hair. 


Virgin non dyed hair has a few strands of gray hair inside. Please pick the grey hair out as our production team cannot guarantee 100% no gray hair in our bundles.


As we all know each bundle of hair is sewn to a strong doubled weft. When this weft is cut or sewn through it makes our weft weak. Shedding is to be expected. To prevent shedding please seal the weft before installment to prevent shedding in future.


Our hair will be a little dry after high temperature steam processing, especially longer virgin hair. Please shampoo and condition the hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This will help to soften the ends. Treatment for the ends will help as well.


Wavy/curly hair will become more loose after normal shampoo and conditioning. Why? Because our natural hair is steam processed to achieve your favorite wavy/curly hair patterns. This will allow you to perm, color, or iron curl hair without damaging the integrity of the hair. If you have wavy or curly textured hair extensions and plan to wear the hair wavy or curly, choose a non-alcohol professional curl defining cream gel or curl control cream custard while the hair is wet. Choosing the right product will prevent the hair from frizzing and lock in the wave or curl all day.


 How long does the hair last?

This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Remember, the hair is dead hair, it is different from intact hair. Treat it like your own hair and take good care of it. Your hair will last longer if you do so. Depending on maintenance, hair will last 18-24 months.


1. Finger comb through the hair smoothly

2. With sulfate free and alcohol free professional products to condition, moisturize and treatment the hair to make it softer.

3. Co-wash the hair daily, shampoo weekly.

4. Do not comb or brush the hair dry. This will cause tangeling and breakage.


Always true to length or longer. Please kindly stretch the hair to measure its real length.