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4x4 Closures & 5x5 Closures

Closures are great for wig making, and super quick flawless hair installs; with less tension and stress on your natural hair.
They come in 2 sizes, small (4x4) and large (5x5) sizes. Virgin hair is hand knotted to a skin colored lace. With the right customizations you could fool even the best of the best stylist eyes! How exciting!!

Lengths available are 12-20in
Closures only come free part so that you can create your own partings.

Closure can be lightened, permed and dyed.
For longevity of your closure DO NOT scratch the closure where your scalp itches, brush or comb tangles dry. This will cause thinning.
Lightening the knots of the closure may cause thinning as well.

Predicting Hair Pattern:
When ordering a closure please purchase your bundles and the closure length you want. We will match the closure to the bundles you purchase.

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